Sitting on the Sofa

I saved a seat for you! :)


pretty pic.
I hope she comes and sits with you :-)
dure said…
Hey, nice picture. :)
*Dure echoes Raaji's wish*. ;p
gaya said…
Why do u want HER to sit on the 'SOFA BACK' instead of the sofa seat?:D
My prayers for you too. ;)
Awais said…
@ Gaya

Its not sofa back, its sofa top... its just my style ;)
Enough of prayers... need some 'action' now! ;) Lolz.
gaya said…
It is used to rest ur back against it,so I call it Sofa Back:D

My prayers for 'action' :P...Happy now?lol...Hope ur wish comes true:)
Awais said…
Ah, right, sofa back it is then. :)

Taqmeel-e-dua tak intizaar hee sahi... magar woh intizaar bhi bemaza na hoga. ;)
Awais said…
@ Raaji and Dure

Thank you so much! That's very sweet of u. :D
Kishore said…
Yeah, wish she does. And wish she's seen this..