Text and Thought

Postmodernists believe that a piece of text lacks a single, stable meaning, and that multiple interpretations are possible, none of which is the 'true' or 'central' one, and that a deconstructed text lacks this 'centre' of meaning and instead shows a free play of meaning, with meaning fluctuating between a number of interpretations. Postmodernists go one step further ahead and say that if language is fragmented, then human mind, which thinks in terms of language, must also be fragmented. But i wonder, is this implication correct? It is possible that a sentence per se has multiple meanings, but when you are thinking of that sentence, your mind is aware of only one meaning, the meaning that you intend to convey. As long as a sentence is out there as a 'text', as a subject of deconstructive analysis, it lacks a stable meaning, but when it is a 'thought' in your mind, there is a definite, stable meaning... that's what i think.


Mobashir Ahmed said…
I agree with you. It not depends upon the author as to how he/she puts across but also on the readers as to how they perceive the text.
KasTan said…
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