Tea with Us

Iqra Asad wrote a two part cover-story in Us Magazine 'Tea with Us', which is basically an interview of the prominent writers of the magazine, which also includes me. Here is the portion relevant to me:

His collaboration with Saad on 'Distrust Us' propelled him to stardom, but unfortunately (or fortunately?) he fell short of heart throb status. Undaunted by his failure to secure female fandom, he proceeded to churn out pieces on art and literature. Winning hearts isn't everything, after all.


Occupation: Dissecting human bodies and human souls; a medical student.
Age: 20
Date of Birth: 8th August 1987
Educational Institution: King Edward Medical University
City: Lahore
First article: My first poem 'The Rain Within' came in 2004. First article was a part of a cover story on Tuitions.
The best thing about writing: The ability to influence people, and touch their hearts and minds.
What I do in my spare time: Read books, chat with my friends, write on my blog, or listen to music.
Highlight of life: Getting a position in FSc and highest marks in medical college entry test.
Low point in life: My first heart-break!
My defining characteristic: An inordinate passion for philosophy.
Best part of my day: Afternoons
My favourite writer: Bertrand Russell. Few writers have influenced me more than him. His views on religion, politics, logic, and ethics have provided a foundation to my own thoughts. The influence can be safely summed up by his quote: "The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge."


@ish said…
nice.....i never knew u adore bertrnd russell so much ..
Awais said…
I do actually. :) There is a story i often tell my friends and they are sick of it now: When i got the position in FSc Lahore Board, there was the Board Ceremony, and different newspapers were taking interviews of the position holders. They asked me who my favourite personality was, and i said "Bertrand Russell". Next day when the newspaper came out, they had written "Quaid-e-Azam". Lolz. Journalists!!!
gaya said…
This is the (let me count) fourth time I have heard it:D
congrats. Once upon a time i used to read US and liked it a lot too... now i dont get it here... :-(
Awais said…
@ gaya

Lolz. Keep counting. I'll ask u at my death-bed how many times did u hear it in total. :)
Awais said…
@ Raaji

Thanks. Why don't u read it online? It is updated every week at the Jang website:
@ish said…
oh really ..these journalists...i bet they hardly know whoz RUSSELL.. nd thts why they wrote quaid's name...
gaya im hearing it for the frst time..'
nd awais ..u must be very angry when u read that they wrote quaid not russell ....
Kashyali said…
They asked me who my favourite personality was, and i said "Bertrand Russell". Next day when the newspaper came out, they had written "Quaid-e-Azam"

I've faced similar problems. I mean, I've had comments on questions appear in magazines which never so much as put to me... Yes, I agree, journalists. -sigh-

That aside, I enjoyed reading 'Tea With Us.' It was lovely. <333