Null Hypothesis

Ezra, as he explained to me the influence of statistics on his thinking: "A null hypothesis is a hypothesis which we assume to be true until statistical evidence proves it to be wrong, and which is rejected usually if the researcher becomes 95% or more confident that the data indicates otherwise. And my null hypothesis about women is that they are mean, cruel, evil, nasty and self-centered, and which i assume every woman to be unless evidence indicates to the contrary!"


@ish said…
ezra, i dont thnk u should say anything like that..anyway its ur life..(peace)
not all women are mean, cruel, evil, nasty and self-centered..only some of may be tht u have jst encounterd THESE SOME OF THEM, u should also give a chance to others cause a prson shouldnt be judged on the basis of their skin but on the content of their character...nd this world is too big if u look u might find some who certainly not like wht u open to all chioces...nd try to find something positive in every negative thing..good luk for future
Awais said…
This was his idea of humour. :)
Kashyali said…
NOT good.

My feminism is clearly kicking in. Okay, so I admit it: I do NOT have the ability to bear any comment which goes against women, even in humour. -sigh- Call it over-feminism, call it silly but, really, I stick to my ideals: And one of them is to NOT enjoy such quotations/ remarks.

That aside, it vould be idiotic to believe all women to be cruel (or any other vord synonymous with vrong) until they undertake it to prove themselves so. That would be an entirely twisted vay of looking at things, the sort of viewpoint no one should harbour, really. Women, agree vith me or not, rock this vorld, alvays have, alvays will.

And, now that I'm done raving - Nice quote. NOT.

Awais said…
Its not just once that i have heard a girl tell me, "You don't know how mean girls are!" :)