The Moses of Love

The two lovers
There they were
On two opposite poles
Of the chaotic, neurotic crowd
And for a brief moment
They saw one another
And sought one another
Struggling to break free from
The interlocked chains of limbs
But getting lost and disoriented
By the pushes and pulls
And there he was
The Moses of love
Watching this with a subtle smile
And he swung his rod
And tapped it on the ground
Lo! Behold!
There was parting of the crowd
And in the centre, they stood
Facing each other…

M. Awais Aftab


Kishore said…
How I wish I knew this Moses of Love..
@ish said…
i totaly agree with u kishore...
nd its a bombastic poem,,,its amazing the way u caputure these feelings in words,i wish i could do tht..but i do try..lolz....
gaya said…
I have to appreciate this poem again,the way the feelings are portrayed,its lovely:)