By M. Awais Aftab

I felt empty today
Like a vacuum-bubble was inside me
A black hole of thoughts
Sucking all emotions and colours
But then I saw
That it wasn't a hollow void
But a super-compression
Of my fears and doubts
Of unsaid guilt and unuttered longings
Pressured and condensed
Into a concrete, heavy emptiness…

[Published in Poet's Corner, in today's Us Magazine]


Anonymous said…
*butterfly remember?
i like what you've written
could use a little rhyme though
is blank verse all you're capable of mr. philosopher?
and it rained today
Awais said…
Aha! Miss Butterfly! So nice of you to drop by. Long time. :)

Glad u liked it, yes, u are right, a little rhyme won't hurt. :) And i do rhyme occasionally, and a poem i wrote recently as the house-opening poem in KE poetry recitation did rhyme, but i haven't posted it on my blog yet.

...and it rained today...

So is that what brought you out of your hibernation? Triggered some fond memories of my blog, maybe, eh? ;)
Khush Bakht said…
Funny how this poem explained to me what I am going through these days.

We all feel the same things, dont we? But some of us can explain, and some need to be explained to.