YouTube banned in Pakistan

In a stupid and outrageous move, the Pakistani authorities have banned access of its internet users to YouTube. I am unsure of the exact reason; some say it is because of the election related political videos on it, and others say it is because of the blasphemous Danish cartoons. In any case, i find this action very imprudent and paranoid, and i hope this ban turns out to be temporary.
Because of this ban, all the YouTube videos which have been posted on this blog in the past would not be visible to Pakistani readers.


Sarah Khan said…
Well! I"m surprised,but this is Pakistan.You can have no idea what is going to happen.I also don't know wat is the reason behind it,but that poem(Kal aj aur kal) of Aitezaz Ahsan which came on youtube few days ago could be the hint except those cartoon from Danmark.As it was totally like giving vent to the anger of nation against Musharaff and his policies.
Awais said…
Yes, that could be on the reasons too. I don't think any good can out of banning a website like YouTube. Its absurd. Last year i think they even banned Blogger for some time.
@ish said…
if pakistan dont do take these absurd nd totally nonsence steps ....will it be called pakistan?