By Henry Baker (1698-1774)

Love's an headstrong wild desire
To possess what we admire:
Hurrying on without reflecting,
All that's just or wise neglecting.
Pain or pleasure it is neither,
But excess of both together;
Now, addressing, cringing, whining,
Vowing, fretting, weeping, pining,
Murm'ring, languishing and sighing,
Mad, despairing, raving, dying:
Now, caressing, laughing, toying,
Fondling, kissing and enjoying.
Always in extremes abiding,
Without measure, fond or chiding:
Either furious with possessing,
Or despairing of the blessing:
Now transported; now tormented;
Still uneasy; ne'er contented.
None can tell its rise or progress,
Or its ingress or its egress,
Whether by a look produced,
Or by sympathy infused.
Fancy does so well maintain it,
Weaker reason can't restrain it,
But is forced to fly before it,
Or else worship and adore it.


Gledwood said…
That's quite some piece of rhyming!

Qasim Aziz said…

Here is 'Rumi's love',

"Everything expressed is clear
True love unexpressed is more clear".