For my Belladonna:

A Welsh Love-spoon :)

This is a tradition from Wales, in which wooden love spoons were carved and given as gifts on Valentine's Day. Heart, keys and keyholes were the common and favourite decorations on them; these symbols signified 'you unlock my heart'.

This particular one is a 'musical love-spoon'. The treble clef symbolises the musical aspirations of the receiver or giver of this spoon, and the small heart carved in the clef is in keeping with the tradition of the lovespoon.

Have a happy Valentine's Day!


Awais said…
I have no idea why i like wearing my heart on my sleeve so much!
*shaking heads*
henmen said… did you carve a spoon yet?

happy v-day!
dure said…
Aww cute...I have no answer to your question Awais, but you sure do have a lovely style in this matter! ;p