Ig Nobel Awards 2007

The Ig Nobel awards are given each year for extraordinary 'improbable' research, for ten achievements that "first make people laugh, and then make them think."
Here are the Ig Nobel Prize winners of 2007:

Aviation: Patricia V. Agostino, Santiago A. Plano and Diego A. Golombek, for discovering that hamsters recover from jetlag more quickly when given Viagra.
Biology: Johanna E.M.H. van Bronswijk, for taking a census of all the mites and other life forms that live in people's beds.
Chemistry: Mayu Yamamoto for extracting vanilla flavour from cow dung.
Economics: Kuo Cheng Hsieh, for patenting a device to catch bank robbers by ensnaring them in a net.
Linguistics: Juan Manuel Toro, Josep B. Trobalon and Nuria Sebastian-Galles, for determining that rats sometimes can't distinguish between Japanese, played backward, and Dutch, played backward.
Literature: Glenda Browne, for her study of the word "the".
Medicine: Dan Meyer and Brian Witcombe, for investigating the side-effects of swallowing swords.
Nutrition: Brian Wansink, for investigating people's appetite for mindless eating by secretly feeding them a self-refilling bowl of soup.
Peace: The Air Force Wright Laboratory in Dayton, Ohio, for suggesting the research and development of a "gay bomb," which would cause enemy troops to become sexually attracted to each other.
Physics: L. Mahadevan and Enrique Cerda Villablanca for their theoretical study of how sheets become wrinkled.


this is quite interesting... but i am more attracted towards the study about the word "the"-- i should look into that :-)
Ayesha said…
i cant believe people actually spent their time in doing all that...i mean..it made me laugh...but nowhere did it make me think...LOL...
u're blogs really good..Keep it up!
@ish said…
no doubt they made me laugh nd thn ...thnk...thnksGod people like them still exist who take some time out ..nd ponder over , wht me might call nonsence stuff...
henmen said…
hope all is well...needed a favor...do you by any chance know of a good English translation for 'yeh daagh daagh ujala, yeh shab gazeeda sehar' by Faiz...many thanks
Awais said…
@ henmen

Yes, you can find it at this link:

Awais said…
Thank you, Ayesha! :)
dure said…
LOL...I loved this, especially 'Peace' and 'Nutrition'...