Hardwork Ethics

There is a certain form of ethics, prevalent especially among the middle-class sections of society, and which can be called the 'hardwork ethics'. It is perhaps not proclaimed consciously, but it is very easy to observe it at work at the subconscious level. Simply, it states that a good life is one which is spent working hard. A student is a good student if he studies all the time; an adult is good if he works hard at his job. Laziness and breaks from work are seen with the scorn of a sin. I am not saying hardwork is bad, or i am not advocating lethargy, but i do find this ethics absurd. It pays more attention to the activity than to the result. If a student can maintain good grades by studying for just a few hours daily, why should he study the whole day? And yet that is the impressions what most parents derive: if he isn't studying for a long time, then he isn't studying very well. On my part, i wouldn't like to put stress on hardwork per se, but on hardwork towards attaining a specific goal. Work hard as much as the goal requires you to, that's it. Relax, enjoy, read or pursue whatever activity you want to in the rest of your time. This is what is healthy, this is what is positive. But it is not uncommon for me to spot parents scolding their children during their vacations that they are wasting their time too much and not studying. Same goes for jobs. The second point is, life is not all about hardwork and/or pursuing a specific goal. There are other things in life, activities of leisure, relaxation and entertainment, which play a part in making our lives more meaningful. And which you can appreciate only when you take a break from 'working hard'. Those people who are proponents of the hardwork ethics probably had to work very hard in their own lives to ensure a living to their family, and that is why they come to regard hardwork so high and morally good, even when it is not required.


Nouman said…
rightly said awais...i would like to say something too...i think that success depends not on working hard but on woking hard and *smartly*..
Now-a-days,it is not difficult to find an abundance of hard working students..everybody works hard..sometimes i feel that majority of the students are only WORKING hard..and majority of these are just following the set of principles and dreams set by their parents and wasting their time to fulfill the desires of their parents. i blame the parents for it! And the air of competition adds fuel to the fire !
Awais said…
Nice thoughts. :)