Come with me...

SKYLAR: Come with me to California.
WILL: What?
SKYLAR: I want you to come with me.
WILL: And you're sure about that?
SKYLAR: Yeah, I'm sure.
WILL: 'Cause that's a serious thing you're sayin'. I mean, we might be in California next week and you could find out somethin' about me that you don't like. And you might feel like "hey this is a big mistake." (getting upset) But you can't take it back, 'cause you know it's real serious and you can't take somethin' like that back. Now I'm in California, 'cause you asked me to come. But you don't really want me there. And I'm stuck in California with someone who really doesn't want me there and just wishes they had a take-back.
SKYLAR: "Take-back?" What is that? I don't want a take-back. I want you to come to California with me.
SKYLAR: Look, Will if you're not in love with me, you can say that.
WILL: I'm not sayin' I'm not in love with you.
SKYLAR: Then what are you afraid of?
WILL: What do you mean "What am I afraid of?"
SKYLAR: You're afraid of me. You're afraid that I won't love you back. And guess what? I'm afraid too. But at least I have the balls to it give it a shot. At least I'm honest with you.

Good Will Hunting