[Translation of a poem by Parveen Shakir]

Awais Aftab

Translated on request of Madiha Nasir

I was silent at my thirst
And like the desert sand,
Thought of life
As a plot set aflame by caustic sunlight
If the desire to be irrigated
Ever arose in my body
I apologized to my heart
And said
No matter how hot the fire flares inside
The right to gaze up at the rain is not mine
Boils may abound at my tongue
But the taste of the dew is not mine
I refuse any gift from the clouds
There is only one possibility of water in my life
And that is tears!
But ever since the moisture in someone’s voice
Has permeated the sand of my heart
Inside me
The longing to be completely drenched has emerged
It is fire alone now which forms the solvent of my blood
And the body burns like a red-hot coal
But what luck I possess
That the river departs
After kissing my bank
I am thirst incarnate
And someone pulls back the filled cup
After bringing it up to my lips

[The original poem in urdu can be seen at:
http://www.urducl.com/Urdu-Books/969-416-205-028/p0089.php ]


dure said…
Lovely, simply lovely.

'But ever since the moisture in someone’s voice
Has permeated the sand of my heart'...

I swear my heart skipped a few beats here...that is so sweet...Some one not just appealing to you or attracting you, but satiating your greatest thirsts and desires...Amazing! :)
henmen said…
I was unaware of an English translation of Parveen Shakir's poetry...any links I should look up?
Awais said…
@ henmen

This poem was translated by me. I don't know if Parveen Shakir's poetry has been translated into English, though i guess if i can do it, someone else must have done it too.
henmen said…
good job...you did a great translation :)
@ish said…
wow..u trnslated it vrywell..............its amazing
gaya said…
Unfortunately some people deliberately keep that 'filled cup' away even if it is being offered.They believe that satisfying their thirst would be similar to something like intoxication and what if they couldnt find that drink again or how long it is going to last??they want to stay in the 'cage' of certainity.I know some people who did that:)
But its better to look beyond that cage.May be there is something better out there waiting for them.
gaya said…
Think of a traveler who is always thirsty,he scampers here and there for water but is uanble to find it anyhwere.
In his anxiety he drinks everything else he comes across to satisfy his thirst even if that puts his life at stake,
without realizing that all this exhertion will exacerbate his thirst;will enhance the intensity;will add to his miseries.
It will do everything except soothing him.
Isn't it better for him
to sit with composure,not to wear himself out and look out for water only?When he knows that only water can fulfill
his thirst without any damage and provide peace because it is naturally made for this purpose."

I dont know if u can relate it to your poem or not but I just felt like posting it here.:D