A Specimen of Instant Art

"So far we know of only one instance of an actual exchange of blows, one which unfortunately aroused a great deal of public attention. It was at the preview of the exhibition of the work of the painter Frederick Le Boche, whose patron Blorna is considered to be, that Blorna and Sträubleder came face to face again for the first time... at this moment Blorna did punch Straubleder in the jaw. Without further ado, so that it may be forgotten without further ado: blood flowed, from Sträubleder's nose; according to private estimates, some four to seven drops... Frederick Le Boche, who with great presence of mind had seized upon the chance to catch Sträubleder's blood on a piece of blotting paper and had converted it into what he called 'a specimen of instant art'. This he entitled 'End of a Long Friendship', signed, and gave not to Sträubleder but to Blorna, saying: 'Here's something you can peddle to help you of a hole.' From this occurence plus the preceding acts of violence it should be possible to deduce that Art still has a social function."

Heinrich Böll, The Lost Honour of Katherina Blum