Soko - I'll Kill Her

I recently discovered this song, "I'll kill her" by Soko... and there is something different about it. I am sure many of you would outrightly hate it, as my brother did, but perhaps someone may discover a charm in it as i did. The best way to listen to this song is to pay attention to the lyrics and to the way her voice changes during the song. I simply love the way she says 'I'll kill her!' Lolz. Check it out.


@ish said…
i loved this song..nd when she said "she broke my dreams" this song soko seems quite innocent with her childish yet charming voice....nd pondering ovr the lyrics jst shows wht othr feels when his/her loved one is taken by someone once..nd he/she cant do anything..
Anonymous said…
Personally, I didn't mind the song until it got to her saying "I'll kill her". The way she mispronounces it drives me up the wall.

By the end of the song I couldn't stand it. Such a small thing to destroy my enjoyment of a whole song. Petty... true. Affected... nope. It genuinely gave me the sh!ts.

But hey, different opinions... no one's wrong. Your reason for liking it is my reason for loathing it.

Strange world eh?

Awais said…
@ SS

A strange world, indeed. :)
Thank you for your comments.