The Poem Duet

Published in Poet's Corner, Us Magazine today:

"The following two poems present radically opposing themes before Us. However, both the poems are inextricably and mysteriously linked to each other through a common strain. Analyze them for yourself and do let Us know about your viewpoint. :)"

A Very Spaghetti Life
By Saad Javed

The long, unwinding days,
Brimming with tangled ambitions
Spiced up with,
The flavour of sumptuous gossip
A sweet and sour aroma of
Teenage aspirations
Filled with,
The cheesy texture of,
Attire and attitude
Garnished with,
The toothsome topping of,
Shopping and back-biting
Served with,
The delicious delights of,
Family and friendship
Oh, she's living,
A very tempting life,
A very spaghetti life!

A Very Existential Life
By M. Awais Aftab

The short, swift days
Brimming with shattered ambitions
Drugged with
The opiates of idle reflection
A bright and dark aura of
Teenage alienations
Filled with
The caustic touch of
Amnesia and amour
Garbed in
The tangible tragedies of
'Bad faith' and self-deception
Served with
The desolating desperations of
Failure and folly
Oh, he's living
A very tragic life
A very existential life!

The significance of these two poems for Saad and me is that in a way they also metaphorically symbolise us... that despite being very different and having divergent attitudes towards life, there is something fundamental that we have in common. The poem duet was a good way to represent that.


henmen said…
good old adolescence...
@ish said…
oh these poems are the wAY whose was it...way to go both of u...
Abdullah Shahid said…
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Abdullah Shahid said…
O that is brilliant. Black and white, yin and yang. Opposite, yet close. Like positive and negative charges which attract each other.
Kishore said…
Yeah, I like both, but I side with neither.

The way they were written is brilliant. You caught all in your poems that the words say you did, and a lot more.

But well, why don't you follow any form of moderation? Why so forlorn? I mean, I've been through what I think is quite close to the worst thing a human being can go through, but it is definitely possible to get out of that intensely empty existential frame.. Well, I am not an existentialist, I'm sure..
Anonymous said…
Okay, i don't know from where i came onto this blog, but before the article by Iqra Asad came out and i discovered you guys are in the same med school, i was wondering how you two did these poems.

Finally, i get a chance to say, AHA!

Amna Rehman.