Most Irritating Noise

"I have long held the opinion that the amount of noise which anyone can bear undisturbed stands in inverse proportion to his mental capacity, and may therefore be regarded as a fair measure of it... Noise is a torture to all intellectual people."

Arthur Schopenhauer

On an impulse i decided to have this survey, and i asked about a dozen of my friends about which noise they found most irritating. Here are their answers:

Me: The sound of telephone ringing
Umair: The noise coming from mosques
Hammaad: Meri neighbour aunti 3 to 6 pm musalsal bolti hai and at full volume
Usama: Noise when people curse each other.
Mehreen: Loud rap sort of music
Abdullah: Someone singing out of tune [Spoken like a true musician!]
Saad: An old pressure cooker's vent weight. Chick chick chick. [Spoken like a true cook!]
Gaya: People arguing in loud voice or someone screaming
Kay: Raised voices during arguments
Nouman: The horns of the wagon which comes to pick my neighbour's children
Hamza: The sound of a rickshaw
A.H: Siren of the ambulance
Uzair: People munching food noisily
Ahmad: I kind of like noise; i despise silence

The readers are welcome to share their most irritating noise :)

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Abdullah Shahid said…
Thats quite a variety out there. Lolz
Kishore said…
Well, I hate the alarm-clock ringing..

On a more serious note, I intensely dislike any noise while I'm taking a lonely late-night walk. That's killing the night, I'd say..
Kunwal said…
people chatting noisily (and laughing) when i m trying to concentrate.

btw, shopenhauer referred to the quantity of noise whereas your survey is on the quality of noise.

but interesting result!
Kunwal said…
well, actually, ALL noise when i m trying to concentrate. i need pin-drop-silence.
Awais said…
...btw, shopenhauer referred to the quantity of noise whereas your survey is on the quality of noise...

Yeah, but the quote was one of my inspiration behind the survey, so that's why i wrote that too. :)
@ish said…
well smtimes i find tik tik of clock quite irriatating...especially at nite.....nd also the sound of my arlrm...

ps..why dont u do a survey of sounds tht we like..
Anonymous said…
Clarinet played at a very high pitch and loudly is extremely irritating to me. My partner is playing it right now. Aaarrgghh............