The Inner Self

Someone said this to me around a year ago about blogging:

X: Don't you feel weird... anyone can read your inner thoughts. I thought of having a blog once. I used to write everyday, but never had the guts to make it PUBLIC. So it has sort of become my online diary... Anyway, i would never have one, thats for sure. I'm just not comfortable with the idea of exposing the real inner me to everyone. And sometimes, i wonder... does anyone really know who i really am... the question remains unanswered.

Umm, well, how would the others know if you don't want them to know, or if you continuously project of false image of yourself to the people? And many times, people do know a lot of things about you that you aren't even aware that they know. :)


@ish said…
well i thnk...its jst the lack of confidence in one's own self....thts all ..some of us are too afraid to tell othrs who we relly are..but why..maybe they thnk tht if othr people kno thm they wont like thm.....i guess