God is 'there'

A dialogue between Father Pluche and Professor Bartleboom from the novel Ocean Sea:

"Numbers speak clearly, Father Pluche. The rest is poetry."
"Quite. If only we were a little more..."
"Don't make things difficult, Father Pluche. The question is a simple one. Do you really believe that God exists?"
"Well, now exists strikes me as slightly excessive term, but i believe he is there, that's it, in a world of his own, he is there."
"And what difference does it make?"
"It makes a difference, all right, Bartleboom, and how. Take for example this story of the seventh room... yes, the story of that man at the inn who never leaves his room, and all that."
"No one has ever seen him. He eats, it would seem. But it could easily be a trick. He might not exist. Made up by Dira. But for us, in any case, he would be there. In the evenings the lights are lit in that room, every so often sounds are heard, you yourself, i have seen you slow down when you pass that room, you try to see, to hear something... For us that man is there."

[Thanks to Guinevere, who introduced me to the novel, written by Alessandro Barrico.]


@ish said…
ok..i confess i havnt read the novel..but it wont stop me frm makin my routine comments :]

last year in my islamiyat class i often used to bombard my teacher with idotic question...nd once he answred my queries by narrating a stry..ie....once there was a man who was talkin to his frnd tht i dont belive tht god exist ..cause i cant see him ,i dont kno abut him..anothr man happens to be listing to his talk ...so wht he did was tht he picked up a heavy brick nd injurd the head of tht person(lets say x).so x whent to the court for justice ..the judge called y nd asked the reason..y said tht he himself said tht i cant see god n i dont kno abut him...so x is lyin...x realized the wisdom..nd became a staunt muslim....
so u see ..although we cant see god ..but he do exist.......
Kishore said…
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Kishore said…
I haven't read the novel either.

Yes, I agree, we do see the lights in that room and hear the sounds sometimes. And that sure does show there's someone in that room. SOMEONE. Where do we get the evidence from to write in all our books that he is He, and He made everything, and all the stuff like that?

Maybe I should read the book in question.