The Broken Part

Sometimes being in love means having to break off a part of yourself.
* Photo taken by me.


Anonymous said…
its the sense... that when love is overwhelming we start saying wat the other wishes, not literally..but dont we start liking a song or a book or things that the other person likes... it happens that way... now if we look at it in the sense of it being God... then its all the more I making sense? btw i want to talk about a poem you translated by parveen shakir. its nice. can I get ur id?
wow... a beautiful illustration to go with what you said :)
Awais said…
@ madiha

Sure. You can email me at:

There was another poem which i had translated from Parveen Shakir in the past, but hadn't posted on this blog. I'll post that too. I hope you like it. :)

@ raaji

gaya said…
An awesome photograph but some flexibility is necessary to make something work.But too much change can be devastating.Isnt it better to accept the other person with what he /she is?
Surmed Shakeel said…
isnt it strange that once we have broken a part of us .. then we go back trying to fix that part back again .. thinking we have lost our identity ..