The Wonders of Qing Qi

"The more i see it, the more i realize that there is no vehicle more expressive than the qing qi that has been roaming the city road for some years now.... The beauty of the vehicle is that it brings the people sitting on its rear side, exposing them from head to toe, face to face with those following behind. The exposure is such that a discerning follower can tell about the relationship of the people occupying the rear seat in a qing qi. And once the relationship has been established, with a slightly deeper look at body language etc., the follower may be able to say whether the insistent (and if you ask me rather undeserving) husband will succeed in getting an amnesty for his acts from the stern-looking wife and whether the boy's backbreaking accompanying journey would earn him the medal in chivalry he richly deserves."

Excerpted from Lahore Diary [The Dawn, December 10, 2007]