Muhammad Awais Aftab

And there she stood
A mere child
With all that snow around
The desire to create a snowman
Beating in her heart, profound
So, she rolled the balls of ice
And made the body and head
And for the pointing nose
She chose a carrot red
Two dark coals for the eyes
A curved twig for the smile
Two branches for the long arms
And a hat and scarf for style
And there she stood
At night, looking at it in awe
With the love of a creator
Not a single flaw she saw
And she prayed and prayed to God
With an intensity unknown
To give life to this man of snow
And make it her very own
And there she stood
Weeping to see it melt
To her prayers
A death-blow dealt
As it softened
And thawed
Into an amorphous mass
Of watery snow
Her eyes shimmering
With the tears' flow!

[Published in Us Magazine today.]


@ish said…
bloody hell...its fantastic....way to go,,,
samar said…
wow u r a very.........
GOOD poet.
I cant beleive dat a madical student can do so
many things.
WOW, really impressive
I THINK u r a multitasker type of man.
samar said…
BTW wt is "us magzine".
Awais said…
Thanks a lot. :)

Us magazine is a weekly magazine for the youth published every Friday by the The News newspaper in Pakistan. It is also available online at the Jang website. I am one of the regular contributors to it.
sam said…
WoW nice.
SO it means dat u write 4 "THE NEWS" on every friday.
Awais said…
Well, not every Friday but somewhat regularly. :)