Love and Stars

In 1929, two physicists Robert Atkinson and Fritz Houtermans (1903-1966) at Gottingen, Germany, forwarded the idea that nuclear reactions are a source of energy of stars. The day Houtermans wrote down the research paper he felt over-worked aand so went for a stroll with a pretty girl in the evening.
When it became dark and stars looked down upon them in all their splendour. 'Oh, stars! How beautiful! They shine beautifully, don't they dear?' the girl remarked romantically.
Houtermans could not contain himself. He thrust his chest out and said proudly, 'I've known since yesterday what makes them shine!' The girl might not have understood what he had remarked or its implications in science. Nevertheless she became Houtermans' wife later.

Excerpted from Folk Tales of Science by Dilip M. Salwi