Russell writes about the early student days of Wittgenstein:

"At the end of his first term at Trinity, he came to me and said: 'Do you think I am an absolute idiot?' I said: 'Why do you want to know?' He replied: 'Because if I am I shall become an aeronaut, but if I am not I shall become a philosopher.' I said to him: 'My dear fellow, I don't know whether you are absolute idiot or not, but if you will write me an essay during the vacation upon any philosophical topic that interests you, I will read it and tell you.' He did so, and brought it to me at the beginning of the next term. As soon as I read the first sentence, I became persuaded that he was a man of genius, and assured him that he should on no account become an aeronaut.
... In early days, I once asked G.E.Moore what he thought of Wittgenstein. 'I think very well of him,' he said. I asked why, and he replied: 'Because at my lectures he looks puzzled, and nobody else ever looks puzzled.'"

And no wonder that Wittgenstein went on to become one of the greatest philosophers of 20th century, as well as the Professor of Philosophy at Cambridge University.


Anonymous said…
This implies that 'you' are an idiot,for u r pursuing medicine instead of philosophy. [:D]
Awais Aftab said…
Hahaha... ah, finally, a person who can read between the lines. :)

Ever heard of Anton Chekov, the famous Russian story writer? He was a doctor by profession, but that didn't stop him from excelling in his interest. He once said, "Medicine is my lawful wife and literature is my mistress".

Or William James... he was a psychologist, but he become one of the most leading figures of Pragmatist philosophy.

So, i guess, till the last breath, the game is on. :)
Kishore said…
Sure. That's what I think sometimes, about myself too.

John Keats was a Doctor. So was Somerset Maugham. And Che Gvevara. And I just recently came to know, Ms Merkel, the present Chancellor of Germany, is a PhD of Physics.

Who said one job suffices for a human being? :)
Awais Aftab said…
@ Kishore

I didn't know that. Thanks for sharing! :)