Warrior of Light and Love

One of my most favourite excerpts from Paulo Coelho's writings. [Thanks to Kishore for finding it for me!]:

For the warrior there is no such thing as an impossible love.

He is not intimidated by silence, indifference or rejection. He knows that, behind the ice mask that people wear, there beats a heart of fire.

This is why the warrior takes more risks than other people. He is constantly seeking the love of someone, even if that means often having to hear the word 'no', returning home defeated and feeling rejected in body and soul.

A warrior never gives in to fear when he is searching for what he needs. Without love, he is nothing.

Manual of the Warrior of Light

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Anonymous said…
To try to find love,to search for it ,to strive for it is a noble thing....

As long as it does not damages your self-esteem(of course).
Kishore said…
I'm not sure I agree with Gaya completely.

Love and Self-esteem:
Well, in love, in its completeness, we become one with love itself. We become love. So the question of losing self-esteem..? I'm not sure. I'll get back to this.
Anonymous said…
I'm also a big Paulo Coelho's fan and I don't know if you heard about his blog
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The moment that he begins to walk along, the Warrior of the Light recognizes the Path.
(Manual of the Warrior of Light)

See u there and have a great day!

Anonymous said…
@ Kishore

I am talking about the other person being indifferent of love,if he/she is not affected by it, no matter what.

I know its painful,but if I am being realistic then you cannot induce emotions for yourself into someone.If A loves B and B does not love A(whatever the reason might be).Despite of all the A's effort or struggle,B continues to be impassive...Then,I guess it is like running after nothing.

I hope You will agree with it.
Awais Aftab said…
@ gaya and Kishore

I think the debate simplifies to the question:

"How far is a person willing to lower himself/herself for the person he/she loves?"

The catch is, if you lower yourself so much that you start begging, then you are not asking for the other person's love, but rather his pity. And a love based on pity is not really love at all.

The second question which arises from gaya's posts is:

"What is more important? Love or self-esteem?"

In terms of importance, i can't really answer the question. But i am convinced that a healthy love cannot exist without self-esteem, because a genuine love not only involves loving the other person, but also the belief that you are worthy of his/her love. Without the latter, your feeling of love would simply turn into obsession, dependance, or any other aberrant form.
Anonymous said…
@ awais
The explanation is cool.I agree.
Anonymous said…
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And here's a quote to ponder:
Every Warrior of Light felt afraid of going into battle.
(Warrior of the Light)