Silent Victory

I have always been the intrigued by the idea of a silent victory; my efforts to appreciate this phenomenon have only been partially successful. There are so many things that the world never gets to know about; they remain hidden, either by choice or by necessity... but the person who is involved in them, how does he feel about it? What is the charm, if any, of a success or an achievement or a happiness that you cannot tell the world about?

Associated with the theme is the idea of a pseudonym... suppose you write a book under a pseudonym that becomes an international hit, but no one knows who really wrote it. What would your feelings be about it? Does the idea of public recognition also play a part in what that achievement means to you? I once read a novel when i was young, in which a child saves the world... but in the end, the child is too shy to admit that it was he who did it, and the world never comes to know who the saviour was. And i used to think about it: What would that child feel as he would grow up, as he would gaze around at all the people around him with an enigmatic smile knowing that it was he who saved them, but none of them knows anything about it? Place yourself in that position and think about it... perhaps you can appreciate the charm better than i can.


gaya said…
In the case you mentioned,the child was too shy to make everyonr know.It was not the people but the child himself wno chose to remain in anonymity.
True,everyone has this desire to share achievements and happiness but it depends on the social context,whether they are accepted by the surrounding people or condemned by them.If they are not accepted then why ruin it by sharing it.As for the pseudonym...well this helps in conveying alot of things to the concerned person,which others are not interested in or if known by others will not be supported by them.