One of the countless fictitious dialogues swirling in my mind...

X: Why can't you just go away! You don't even let me hate you!

Hatred often gives a lot of strength to a person's mind, especially when it is directed towards the person who has hurted him/her. Imagine your inability to hate the person who has caused you pain... now that would be a tragedy.


a big time tragedy. its the worst feeling ever i think...
there is one person in my life i want to hate so much and i just cant.... i don't even know what to do about it. :(
@ish said…
it needs a big heart to hate someone..because its not easy..nd sometimes whn u wnt to hate someone but cant ...its the worst feeling evr,,
Umer Toor said…
A thorn in the foot is hard to find.
What about a thorn in the heart ?
If everyone saw the thorn in his heart,
When would sorrow gain the upper hand ? [ I, 152-3]

Uni said…
I disagree. I think indifference is the way to detach yourself from someone. When u hate someone u think about them anyway,with anger, with dislike, and so they are still a part of ur life, a part of ur thought and your being. But when u are indifferent then you have finally succeeded in getting them out of ur head.