The Box

At Lex's 12th birthday:
Lionel puts the present in Lex's hands. Lex opens it and pulls out a lead box.

Lex: (Unimpressed.) It's just an old box.
Lionel: No, no, it's much more than that. This box was formed from the armor of St. George.
Lex: (Surprised.) The dragon slayer?
Lionel: That's right. According to the legend, St. George was fighting a particularly fierce dragon. The battle between them had raged on for days, and St. George was losing his strength... and his faith. So he took a piece of broken armor, and he made it into this box. Inside it he put all his doubts and his fears, and then he went out to face the dragon again.
Lex: (Amazed.) Without any armor?
Lionel: Yeah. (Almost a whisper, telling the story with intensity.) But when the dragon saw St. George coming to do battle with him again, it hesitated and drew back, and in that moment, St. George plunged his sword into the dragon's heart, and it fell dead.
Lex smiles.
Lionel: So when people are cruel to you, you take all your fears and your doubts and put them in here, (Lionel opens the box.) in this box. And then you lock it. (He closes the box. Lex nods.) And you'll find that you're, uh, you're stronger than you think you are.

Smallville, Episode # 319


Anonymous said…
That is such a sweet dilogue.:)