Mock Me!


Go on. Mock me. Laugh!
That was not Mozart laughing, Father.
That was God.
That was God laughing at me through that obscene giggle.
Go on, Signore. Laugh.
Show my mediocrity for all to see.
One day I will laugh at you.
Before I leave this earth. . .
. . . I will laugh at you.

From the movie Amadeus

Ah, what a movie! I saw it last night and i am deeply touched! The tragedy is so immense, i am over-whelmed!


Anonymous said…
No doubt these dialogues are wonderfully written but the expressions on the face of Salieri,delivering these dialogues,were also conspicuously prefect.I also watched this movie few days ago and i may say that the ending with that eccentric laughter of Mozart....i was speechless at that moment.Its a great movie:)

Miss Sarah Khan(Umair's sister)
Awais Aftab said…
You are right about the expressions. They are sort of engraved on my mind. Acting at its best. :)