Malevolent Theism

There is a rather peculiar form of theism (or atheism, if you prefer) in which the person loses his faith in a benovelent diety, and yet, he has been so accustomed to the idea of God that his mind is unable to reject his existence. As he result, he does believe in a God, but this is a God which is very malevolent... cruel, merciless, biased. Usually such a person likes to call himself an atheist, but it is obvious from his behaviour and thinking that he is incapable of disbelief. [I am reminded of something which Rushdie wrote: 'And was knocked forever into that middle place, unable to worship a God in whose existence he could not wholly disbelieve'] Such a conception of malevolent diety arises almost invariably through extreme suffering... when a person becomes victim to the bitter tragedies and great losses, he becomes disillusioned with the idea that God can be good. How can there be so much misery and pain in the world, if God is good? He asks, and since he cannot reject the existence of God, he comes to the conclusion that the world is being ruled by an evil and wicked diety.

[P.S. See also: Concept of God and Private Mysticism]


Johnny B said…
Why do this remind me of the discussion going on the group some days back????

Do you believe in causality???
Awais said…
Lolz. I guess that might have been a subconscious influence, though it certainly wasn't conscious.

Causality? I guess i believe it in the sense in which it is used in physics, but from a philosophical perspective, the notion of causality has become moot.