Ashley... Awais

A close friend sent this extract from the novel Gone with the Winds by Margaret Mitchell, which is a description of a character named Ashley. According to her, even though she didn't quite agree with the context, the description sounded quite a lot like me. How much i really do resemble this description can be subject to debate, but it certainly raises some very interesting points of similarity:

"He was courteous always, but aloof, remote. No one could ever tell what he was thinking about, Scarlett least of all. In the neighbourhood where everyone said exactly what he thought as soon as he thought it, Ashley’s quality of reserve nature was exasperating.
He was as proficient as any of the other young men in the usual County diversions: but he differed from all the rest in that these pleasant activities were not the end and aim of life to him. And he stood alone in his interest in books and music and his fondness for writing poetry.

… So courteously aloof, so maddeningly boring with his talk about Europe and books and music and poetry…. yet so desirable.

For Ashley was born of a line of men who used their leisures for thinking, not doing, for spinning brightly coloured dreams that had in them no touch of reality. He moved in an inner world that was more beautiful than Georgia and came back to reality with reluctance. He looked on people, and he neither liked nor disliked them. He looked on life, and was neither heartened nor saddened. He accepted the universe and his place in it for what they were and, shrugging, turned to his music and books and the better world."

And thanks again to her for the beautiful extract.


Kunwal said…
hi awais,
i think it fits mostly. esp. in the beginning. but i must also say that it is quite general, i could think of several people to whom this description would suit.
and the latter part of the description is a bit sad:
He looked on life, and was neither heartened nor saddened.
That makes life quite dull...unless of course, life is not everything :).
[Kay] said…
Music,books,Europe,poetry, I couldnt have agreed more. The character sketch fits you,at many places I felt like it was written for you. If one more thing were here, it could make the description quite close to your reality.The 'tender' side of yours, the passion and the love that you carry. (:
Kishore said…
Well, I'd love to meet you Awais, some day. I'm waiting for it. Let's see how far India and Pakistan go. And my status as someone in the defence.

If someone has read "The Bridges of Madison County", they'll soon realise they're reading the description of another Robert Kincaid here.