Your Laughter

Your Laughter
by Awais Aftab

[Translation of Parveen Shakir’s poem ‘Tumhari Hansi’]
This laughter of yours
Illuminated, luminuous
Moulded in moonlight
Freshened by colours
Fragrant with love
Was whenever heard by my heart
It broke into a dance
As if a rainbow had arched in my soul!

The laughter had no different colours today
The radiance of light was the same today
The scent was maddening as well today
But there was something which it lacked
And, with a question, my countenance was tagged

[Published in Us mag today:]


beautiful words :)
I would like to read the original one. Can you post that as well?
Awais said…
Here you go:

Tumhari Hansi

Yeh tumhari hansi
Roshni say bhari
Chandni main dhali
Rang say taza ro
Ishq say mushq boo
Jab bhi dil ne sunee
Raqs kerne laga
Roh main jaisay qaus-e-kazah khinch gae

Aaj bhi us hansi ke wohi rang thay
Aaj bhi roshni ki wohi phoot thee
Aaj bhi us ki khushbu janoon-khaiz thee
Par koi baat thee jis say khali thee yeh
Aaj to meri surat sawali thee yeh

I hope the translation was good enough, but i really enjoyed translating it. :)
I think you did a great job :)

I just wanted to read it in Urdu... coz no matter how flowery English can get, it still cant be as beautiful as Urdu poetry. Dont you think so?

But i loved the way you translated it :)