Separate Ways

Separate Ways

Me and thee,
We met like two ships
Thrown together
In the tempestuous sea

We talked and smiled
And shared our lives
Our tales of joy
And the tales of sighs

But passengers we were
Of the stormy sea
On different waves, with different ships
Neither of us was free

Had we met
In another time
In another place
We might not be going
On our separate ways

When the world comes to an end
On the end of days
And the cycle of life begins again
I’d pray to God
To make this little change:
Let us meet
In that time
In that place
Where we would not be going
On our separate ways...

Muhammad Awais Aftab
11 August 2007


SP said…
Awais .. A very beautiful poem simply and wonderfully you have depicted the dilemma and the hope...
Anonymous said…
On a long lone road

Carrying the burdens of our lives

Yes we met

And we smiled

Thought in our hearts

About each other as just two another,beautiful strangers

And moved on

But couldn't we share

Our things of joy,our things of pain

It might seem better,not

For yes we are going

Our separate ways

Yet,deep in my heart,just like you

I pray the same

For that little change

That we be

One, instead of two

In times of joy and times of pain.
gaya said…
Brilliant and beautiful.