The Decision

X: Yaar, i really like her, but i can't reveal it to her; i don't think myself as being worthy of her. She deserves someone better than me.

Y: It is not for you to decide.

X: What?

Y: Whether you are worthy of her or not... it is not your choice to make; it is her's. If you really do love her, then tell her! Confess! And let her decide whether she accepts or rejects.


A wonderful advice.

True incident?
Awais said…
Yeah. I was the one who gave the advice.
SP said…
Anticipation of Rejection is probably a lot similar to anticipation of problems ... ---"Anticipation of problem" is always bigger and more troubling then the problem itself..
@ish said…
tht wht wht trouble most of the youth today they wnt to decide thmselves whethr othr likes thm or
not..but its not fair...if u love smone let thm free if they come back they are urs if they dont ...forget thm cause in this case they are worth ur time..