Your Rights

On second day of YLC we had a session with Bob Urichuck, a Canadian speaker and trainer on motivation, leadership and team skills. He showed us a list of 10 rights which each person has in this world. In order to lead a successful life, one has to become aware of them. These rights are:

1) The right to have dreams, desires and expectations.
2) The right to have what you want.
3) The right to like yourself as you are.
4) The right to change. You can't grow if you can't change.
5) The right to fail. You can't learn if you don't fail.
6) The right to be imperfect.
7) The right to choose.
8) The right to ask.
9) The right to decide how you will use your time and energy.
10) The right to have a lunch when you pay for it.

Think about these rights, and ask yourself, how many of these have you let the society snatch away from you.


if i had been at the conference, i would have disagreed with "The right to have what you want".

We want so many things, sometimes we want evil things, sometimes we want to hurt others, sometimes we want to hurt ourselves.
If someone wants to kill the other, does he have a right to do so just because he 'wants' to?
Awais said…
A very valid point.

It should have been, "The right to have what you want within ethical limits."

These ethical limits would, of course, vary from person to person and society to society.