The YLC Experience

It feels so relaxing to be back home after 6 hectic days of Young Leaders Conference. So tiring was our routine, especially in the first 3 days, that we'd go to sleep at 2:30 am and wake up at 7:30 am for breakfast at 8. But it was certainly worth it. I won't exaggerate by saying that it has brought any radical change in me; my life would go on probably in more or less the same manner. But the conference did have a positive influence, and i became distinctly aware of many things about myself and the world around me. And apart from this learning, the experience itself was a hell lot of a fun and excitement. The energy, the electrifying atmosphere, young people brimming with passion, working in teams and facing challenges... the conference remains in most ways a very memorable experience.

The only negative component of the experience was that i didn't have any close friends, unlike many other people who had joined the conference along with their friends. I met many new people, many friendly ones as well, but 6 days is a short time for developing relationships to the point of intimacy, and furthermore, my team seriously lacked unity and team spirit. As a compensation, however, i met two delightful ladies, Ambreen and Hira, who had been my classfellows in Riwaz Academy. A little embarrasingly, i had no memory of them, but they remembered me, fortunately. I also met a very charming and friendly person, Ayesha, who had been my quiz master during LUMS Olympiad. I am very grateful to her for her company. Among the facilitators, i developed good friendly relations with Changezi and Ahsan (aka Sunny), so a token of thanks to them as well.

The whole conference was so action-and-adventure-packed... i'll keep writing about some of those experiences on the blog in the coming days.


Anonymous said…
Mostly, its good to attend such things with friend. You feel more like you have left your entire routine and people you meet daily and that's some piece of mind :)
Anonymous said…
oops sorry i meant to say without friends