This is a collection of 5 of my poems.

1) The Passing Cloud

O! The passing cloud!
Tell me
Have you brought my beloved’s love note?
Is your dark gloomy colour
The colour of her thoughts?
These drops you sprinkle on me
Are they the tears from her eyes?
These circulating birds, you escorts
Do they echo the songs she sings for me?
The cool hasty wind brushing my face
Are they the kisses she has sent for me?
Torment me not, O Cloud!
I can feel her presence in you
The way you touch the strings of my heart
Evoking a music, so sweet and sad
Has not my lover taught you this?
And yet again
You remind me of my beloved’s lips
Smiling, stunning but silent
Speak not, if you so wish
But drench me then
Drench me in your rain
Drench me in my lover’s tears!

2) The Lake of Mind

In the stillness of my memories
Your thoughts come
Like stones thrown in a pond
By children in their innocent games
The ripples dance
The waves glide
The previous stagnant surface
Is consumed by movement
But soon
The motion fades away
And the calm is restored.

3) Amniotic Waters

She stood in the rain
Her arms spread out
Eyes closed
The face lifted towards the sky
Drops splattering on the skin
A countenance of immaculate peace
A smile of utter relief
The water washing away her past
Exorcising the haunting ghosts
All the sins dissolving in the drizzle
And she felt like a baby
Suspended in amniotic waters…

4) The Secret

Looking down
On the mirror surface of the pond
I see a face
Not mine
But her’s
And I wonder
Has the secret of our love
Leaked out
To the water, as well?

5) Prism
[Translated from Parveen Shakir’s poem ‘Prism’]

When sun enters
Into a drop of water
A collage of colors appears
The seven arches of rainbow
Spread out their arms
And draw into the tiny droplet
A whole cosmos of colours!

I, too, have a sun
Who by a mere graze of body
Cultivates in me the rainbow flowers
A slight change in his angle
And I am rendered
A simple drop of water
Unscenic, uncoloured!

Muhammad Awais Aftab