A Motherly Advice

A friend of mine recently shared with me what her mother had said to her when she had told her about her first crush:

"Beta, it is just attraction. It happens in your age, but if you prevent your feelings from getting astray, you'll find a very good person later in life when it would be the proper time for you to do these things."

I have my reservations about this answer, but it is such a cute and sensible piece of motherly advice that i just had to share it on my blog. :)


WritingsForLife said…
I used to get this advice all the time from my mom. Same exact words!
... and the good thing is, i have listened to her and now i understand :)

Anonymous said…

anyhow, Mr. Poet, i believe a "t-shirt" with a pair of "dress pants" is not the Most exquisite attire in the world - that too, if the shirt is Orange.
Awais Aftab said…
@ butterfly

Well, what can i say... my poor sartorial sense is a source of continual amusement for my friends. :)
Awww! Come on, i like that t-shirt. So what if it is orange, and i wear it in conjunction with a dress pant? Shouldn't we consider that an innovation in the fashion world? And after all, i have got a 'poetic license', haven't I? :D]
Anonymous said…
I think Not! :D it's a fashion disaster. ( Be glad I did not say Chaos. Euphemism, you see :p ) Brad Pitt or Keanu Reaves or even dear old Shakespeare would have an epileptic fit at that innovation!
Try conventional. Or trendy.
Not chaotic.

Who gave You a poetic license anyway! :p
Awais Aftab said…
@ Butterfly

Acha, sorry, ghalti ho gaye. Maaf ker dain. Ainda nahin pehnoon ga. :)
Anonymous said…
Well, I shalt be keeping an eye on you little boy! :p So, beware. hehe

maaf kiya! :D
Awais Aftab said…
I shalt be keeping an eye on you little boy!

I guess i'm in safe hands now. :)
Anonymous said…
..but i guess you just love your black pair of dress pants and not jeans huh? :p