The Locked Room

An interesting incident happened on the 2nd night of YLC stay in PC. I came back to my room at 2:30 am. I inserted my electronic card key in the door, the door opened but it was locked from inside by the chain key. I could hear the tv, and the lights were also on so it meant that my room mate was inside. I gave the door bell, and shouted out as well ... but no one opened the door... I kept ringing and shouting for 10 minutes, but no result. So i went to the room of one of my team mates, and told him abt the situation. He came and he also rang and shouted, and tried to open the chain by inserting his hand, but to no avail. So we decided to tell the YLC management.
As i went down the lift, i saw Changezi, one of the facilitators, coming to go up. I told him abt the situation. He was also coming to look for my room mate ... he had been calling him on mobile for 2 hours, but he wasn't responding. So we both went back to the room. Changezi also tried ringing and shouting for sometime, but it didn't work. We thought maybe it was some serious medical emergency or something, so we went to the PC management and called the security. The security man came, and he also tried to open the door, ring, shout, call through intercom... finally he decided that the chain would have to be broken. So he called his boss, and took permission to break the chain. The chain was broken and we entered... my room mate was sleeping like a dog... he had taken pain killers because of bad throat, and was so deep in sleep that he had no idea at all of what was happening around. I have never before in my life ever seen a case of such stubborn sleep!

Anyhow, the good thing was, me and Changezi became great friends and we had some nice discussions in the coming days, and Changezi began to refer to me as his 'philosopher friend'. :)


WritingsForLife said…
haha.... reminds me of one of the most embarrassing moments in my life when i was in 8th grade... i was really sick and my aunt gave me some strong pain killers (which happened to be sedative) and put me to bed. Accidentally i locked the door before going to sleep and after a while everyone at home thought i was dead or somthing as i wasn't opening the door..
oh well, i woke up with the noise as i am normally a light sleeper.. but i swear it was all medicines and not me! :)
Anonymous said…
Its Ambreen...
Awais i don't know what to say about this locked room incident because the same thing has happened to me in YLC room mate was sleeping so badly that she did'nt open the door and i was feeling so much tired that i went to lobby and enjoyed sleeping on a chair for two hours... the good part of it was that i was not disturbed even by any of hotel workers.. :)
Awais Aftab said…
Well, it seems the locked room phenomenon is quite common throughout the world, especially in the YLC. :)
Unknown said…
haha...i can't stop myself to laugh like hell.... :D

Indeed it was very embarassing for me the other morning and i couldnot face any of my team members or people who tried to wake me up somehow.

Anyways am famous....i have read this MoizSleepingAtYLC for the 3rd time on blogs :)