Famous People

I had the pleasure of meeting some famous persons during the YLC. We had an interactive session with Ali Salim, aka Begum Nawazish Ali, on "The Art of Innovation". It was a very interesting and highly enjoyable session. I also got to meet Amin Gulgee, the famous painter and sculpturor, and he gave me an autograph. Mohsin Sayeed, the columnist in Dawn, famous for his sarcasm and humour, had a session with us on "Freedom of Thought". I had a little talk with him, and he was a very lovely person. He advised me to enjoy life and to avoid becoming too serious. I told him that i often feel that i am living in an absurd society and he said that our society is absurd because it is too socially conscious. This is what he gave me as autograph:

"Dear Awais,
Well, lose your virginity, sanity, anything. The moment you lose your sense of humour, you lose everything.

Mohsin Sayeed"


*butterfly said…
lovely autograph ! lucky you !
moiz said…
i envy u for this autograph :)