10 Questions

Here is a list of 10 questions which are of great interest to me, and which occupy a significant part of my thinking. Technical questions of philosophy like whether reality exists apart from our subjective experience, or whether a piece of text has a stable, determinable meaning interest me a lot, but I don't think them of much consequence to my life.

These 10 questions belong to philosophy, psychology, sociology and cognitive science.

1. What is the purpose of life? What is the meaning of human existence?

2. What is good and what is bad? Are there any absolute moral standards?

3. Can science give us certain knowledge about ultimate reality?

4. What is consciousness? How does it emerge?

5. Do we have free will?

6. What is love?

7. Should there be any limits to freedom of expression?

8. Does God exist?

9. How do religions emerge and evolve?

10. How can you lead a happy life?

I have got tentative opinions about all of them, some opinions being held with more conviction than others, but none absolutely certain. I'll write briefly about them later.


*butterfly said…
you're so much like me, it's crazy ..
Awais said…
Well, let's see if our answers match as well...