Here are ten Visions. I call them Visions, because this how they occured to me. They hover on the border of prose and poetry, and I dare not classify them in either.

1) Trapped

She drew me close
In a wild frantic manner
And whispered
Like a bird in a cage
‘Why is it that, my love
When I stare in your eyes
I feel scared, alone,

2) Reality

In her embrace
All realities melted away
And when she asked
‘Do you love me?’
He kissed her and said
‘I no longer know what that means.’

3) Judgment Day

‘Next case!’ shouted the angel of justice
Angels brought an old man
Broken. Shattered. Chained.
‘He loved her enough to kill her’ one explained
The angel paused, then
Thumped a stamp on the paper
With the yell
‘Take him to hell!’

4) Rain

Through the open window
I saw her standing
With arms wide open
In the rain
Her eyes closed
Bliss on her face
‘What are you doing?’ I shouted
‘I don’t know…
I feel as if I were in love.’

5) Broken Glass

It is the soul
And not sole
Which bleeds
When you walk
On the broken glass
Of love.

6) Illusion

The pen said to the paper
‘Look at that fool.
The love poems I write
He thinks he has written them!’

7) Right Number

The phone rang
I picked it
A breath
‘Wrong number.’ A whisper

8) Dark Waters

He strolled on the bridge
And analyzed the dark waters beneath
‘Is life worth living?’ he thought
‘I have no one to live for.’
He took a step forward.
Turned back.
Shook his head. Smiled.
‘I have no one to die for either.’

9) Lost

When I woke
I was walking
In a maze of streets
I stopped a passer-by
‘Which place is this?’
He glared
‘No one knows!’ he muttered
And continued walking

10) Hiding

I was curled up
In the dark corner
Of the dark room
Shivering due to cold
And trying to hide
From myself

These were written in March 2006. I still believe that these 10 visions are among the best things that i have ever written.


Awais said…
When i read these words in Sartre's Nausea, i could associate with them, especially with regard to these visions:

"Sometimes things occur to me - I daren't call them thoughts. It's very strange: I am sitting there reading and all of a sudden, I don't know where it comes from, I get a sort of revelation."

Only, i don't call it Revelation. I call it a Vision.
I like 'right number', 'illusion' and 'rain' but 'dark waters' and 'reality' sounds pretty depressing.

I especially find "reality" to be pretty disturbing... i guess thats why we call it reality.
gaya said…
I really liked Hiding, Rain and Illusion.
Awais said…
Thank you. :)

"Reality" is my own personal favourite among them.
*butterfly said…
I believe 'Reality' is by far, the most beautiful.
And surprisingly enough, you have 'visions' as well Mr. Poet? intrigued.
So do I.
Awais said…
But i suppose your visions remain as much in anonymity as you yourself are. :)
*butterfly said…
I could be just about anyone!
and 'trust' is something I'm looking for.
triliana said…
Lost is my favorite, then Reality.

You are very talented. I am glad to have stumbled upon your site :)
Awais said…
@ triliana

I am also glad that you stumbled upon my blog. Nice to have you as a reader.
F. said…
Awais Aftab, I think I have just fallen in love with you!