Psychological Weapons

There are some people who by virtue of their superb psychological sense can judge what a person expects/wants to hear, and they say exactly that. And by doing so, they manage to earn the trust of that person. The ability to say right things at the right time is a huge advantage. And these people make the best liars, because their lies conform to your psychology and unless you possess a psychological insight equal to theirs, it becomes very difficult to distinguish truth from falsehood. People are so frail against such people, it's unimaginable... their ability to exploit the human tendency of trust is horrifying... the very idea of encountering such people terrifies me!


IPCHUK said…
People like that should not terrify you. On the contrary, they should serve as an inspiration.
It would indeed be terrifying if you were not aware of such people, but sensing their acute psychological insight means you've finally found someone with whom you can have a proper conversation!