It's the day of Judgement... the court of God... He sits on his throne, people arrive one by one, and their fates are being decided... should he be sent to an eternal blazing fire in which he will roast forever for the finite amount of sins he has committed in the finite existence of a finite world... or should he be sent to an oasis of medieval pleasure, in which he can spend his life in the boredom of utter eternity?

And Lo! The Philosopher is brought forth before Him by the angels. This is a complicated case... the decision is difficult... the scales of balance fluctuate between his virtues and heresies. He deliberates and finally decides, "Take him to paradise!" The angels move but he stays at his spot... firm, confident... he looks up and says, "I don't want your paradise. If you want to reward me, give me annihilation. Bless me nothingness. Purge me of this existence. I only desire Death."

I don't know what happens after this.


Hammaad said…
"Mar ke bhi chein na paya tau kidher jayenge?" - Ghalib
Well, annihilation is scary, but so is eternity (its also boring). I wonder how can I have peace in the presence 6 dozen extremely pulchritudinous women. Also, as Nietzsche argued, the concept of afterlife often makes the believers less able to cope with earthly life.
By the way, that eternal return thing is cool (superdark, superscary) :D
Awais said…
peace in the presence 6 dozen extremely pulchritudinous women

Hahahaha! More importantly, what would these women be? Would they be like humans, but just more beautiful? I would consider it awfully unfair of God to condemn these houris for an eternity with the beastly men of earth. :)

Eternal return... :)... i think i'll write something about it soon.