Mr Perfect


X-- Mr. Perfect
Y-- Miss Philosopher, Not-so-Perfect

Part 1:

X: Will you marry me?
Y: No, i am sorry. I cannot do that.
X: Why not! What is wrong with me! Don't you love me?
Y: You have only one fault, and that is that you have no fault at all. Your perfection is your only imperfection. You are so perfect, you make me feel sick and irritated. I can't possibly love a person who has no flaws in character whatsoever.

Part 2:

X: Ok. Fine. Then tell me how to become imperfect! I'll develop whatever flaws you want me to develop in me!
Y: It doesn't work that way. People don't love in this fashion. Your perfection has rendered you incapable of appreciating such every day psychology.
X: So, it means there is nothing i can do?
Y: Yes, no one can help you in this regard. Imperfection cannot be taught.

Part 3:

X: Hey, hey, wait a sec!
Y: What is it?
X: I do have an imperfection! I have finally discovered one! My love for you? Is that not an imperfection on my part? I am loving an imperfect person like you... that is an imperfection!
Y: I must admit that you have come up a logical paradox. But i must do as the philosophers do.
X: And what do philosophers do in case of paradoxes?
Y: They ignore them. :P Good bye.