Concept of God and Private Mysticism

The Nobel Laureate author I. B. Singer developed his own brand of religion after a phase of skepticism. He called it 'Private Mysticism'. "Since God was completely unknown and eternally silent, He could be endowed with whatever traits one elected to hang upon Him."

And it is my own observation that different people have a different concept of God, although they may not be explicitly aware of it. Generally speaking, there are three types of God which people have in their minds:

1) The Benevolent God: A merciful, gracious God who loves humanity and is willing forgive the sins of mankind.

2) The Just God: A God who has laid down some rules of reward and punishment and doesn't deviate from them.

3) The Malevolent God: An angry, revengeful God who takes delight in tormenting the people in the burning fires of hell.

Most of the time a combination of these three types is present, but usually one of them is in dominance. Which sort of idea you come to have of God depends a lot on your family and the concepts to which a child is exposed to as he is growing. Your idea of God also determines your behaviour and relationship to religion.