Russell and Hell

I remember that in adolescence, when i discovered that Bertrand Russell was an atheist, I was horrified, and I felt a knot in my stomach and i had a feeling of dread like you have when your best friend is being tortured right infront of you. Of course, at that time i was quite religious, and the idea that Russell would go to hell was very disturbing, since i was greatly inspired by Russell. And the question "Why would Russell go to hell? This isn't fair!" kept in my mind for a long time, and was instrumental in shaping my thought's about religion.

I still remember that sentence by him which i had read and first found out that he was an atheist:
"I believe that when i die i shall rot, and nothing of my ego will survive... But i should scorn to shiver at the thought of annihilation." [Bertrand Russell, What I Believe]