Love as Habituation

Some days back, i raised the question that why do we love. At that time, i had proposed that there is no reason for love, and that this emotion is irrational. But after some thinking, i also realized that many times when we fall in love, it is because of a reason... and that is, habituation. That person becomes a habit. We become so used to his/her presence that the very idea of his absence seems to produce anxiety. This is the sort of love that is found between family members and siblings, and also the love that develops in an arranged marriage, between a husband and wife, when they have no feelings of intimacy at the time of their marriage but feel certain that time will bind them together... and well, it usually does too. And an unusual example that is coming to my mind is the often heard cases [at least, in fiction] of the abductees falling in love with the kidnapers. That, too, is a product of habituation.


SP said…
intresting thought..but that would not be love .. that would be 'Inertia'... not wanting to rock the boat that has been sailing smoothly ..avoiding changes ... I will probably classify love as 'Emotional Closeness' and not so much as 'Physical closeness or proximity'
Anonymous said…
habituation is probably better at explaining why couples get bored with each other. and then when something new happens, spontaneous recovery occurs.