The Most Important Thing in a Relationship

I conducted a survey among my friends and family, asking them the question “Name one thing that matters the most to you in a relationship.” And the answers showed a great degree of similarity. This question was asked to a total of 18 people.
Out of these eighteen, 8 people answered ‘Trust’ as the most important thing [44.4%]. And 5 people said ‘Sincerity’ [27.8%]The rest were individual answers:

Nabeel…………Two people having the same maturity level
Muneeb……….Understanding and Patience

Most people would believe that ‘Sincerity’ and ‘Trust’ are more or less the same thing, or manifestations of the same feeling. Strictly speaking, I do not agree, but I do admit that they are linked. Sincerity refers to ‘genuine feelings’ and Trust refers to ‘state of reliability’. However, considering their proximity, it would not be unwise to consider them as the same entry. Given this view, the combined ‘Sincerity’ and ‘Trust’ answers make 13 out of 18 [72.2%], which is an over-whelming majority, showing that most people have a somewhat similar sense of what makes a relationship successful.

What I noticed immediately was a sheer lack of words like ‘affection’ and ‘love’. My sister did mention ‘love’ but only as a second option after Trust. This was somewhat a surprise for me, since I was expecting that love would at least appear on the list.