I grieve not that we parted
I had foreseen it was destined
But i do wonder
What you think of me
When you recall those lost, wandering moments
Who was i to you
In the turbulent sea of your existence?
When you gaze back at the your eventful life
What do you see of me?
Was i a lover? A friend?
A time well-spent?
Or perhaps a constant nuisance?
Was i just a dream?
A mere whisper fading out of reality?
Or maybe you have done your best
To purge your thoughts of my shadow
Condemning them to the timeless oblivion
And perchance, you have forgotten
That i even exist?
I do not grieve
Tears do not sojourn in my eyes
But i do wonder
I surely do wonder...

Muhammad Awais Aftab


*butterfly said…
in the 2nd line.

it's "foreseeeen"

a simple grammatical error is ruining the flavour mr. poet! wake up!
Awais said…
Oh, yeah, you are right. I didn't notice.

Thanks for pointing it out! I have always been bad at grammar. :)
*butterfly said…
...you know! I could become a regular reader! hehe
Awais said…
I thought you already were a regular reader. :(